Norbert Bencsik, PhD.

teacher assistant

room: 6-304., phone: /8370

Research interest

  • Role of dendritic spines in synaptic plasticity

Selected publications

Bencsik N, Szíber Zs, Liliom H, Tárnok K, Borbély S, Gulyás M, Rátkai A, Szűcs A, Hazai-Novák D, Ellwanger K, Rácz B, Pfizenmaier K, Hausser A, Schlett K Protein kinase D promotes plasticity-induced F-actin stabilization in dendritic spines and regulates memory formation Journal of Cell Biology 210:771-783 (2015)

Tárnok K, Gulyás M, Bencsik N, Ferenc K, Pfizenmaier K, Hausser A, Schlett K A new tool for the quantitative analysis of dendritic filopodial motility Cytometry Part A 87:(1) pp. 89-96. (2015)

Szigeti Cs, Bencsik N, Simonka AJ, Legradi Á, Kása P, Gulya K Long-term effects of selective immunolesions of cholinergic neurons of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis on the ascending cholinergic pathways in the rat: A model for Alzheimer's disease Brain Research Bulletin 94C: pp. 9-16. (2013)