Sándor Borbély, PhD

teacher assistant

room: 6-313., phone: /8391

Research interest

  • The inhibitory efficacy of novel antiepileptic compunds on synaptic transmission
  • Synchronous epileptic activity with electrophysiological and optical methods

Selected publications

Mihály A., Borbély S., Világi I., Détári L., Weiczner R., Zádor Z., Krisztin-Péva B., Bagosi A., Kopniczky Z. and Zádor E. (2005) Neocortical c-fos mRNA transcription in repeated, brief, acute seizures: Is c-fos a coincidence detector? Int. J. Mol. Med, 2005 March 1; 15(3): 481-486

Kopniczky Z., Dobó E., Borbély S., Világi I., Détári L., Krisztin-Péva B., Bagosi A., Molnár E., Mihály A. (2005) Lateral entorhinal cortex lesions rearrange afferents, glutamate receptors, increase seizure latency and suppress seizure-induced c-fos expression in the hippocampus of adult rat. Journal Of Neurochemistry, 2005 Oct; 95(1): 111-24

Borbély S., Halasy K., Somogyvári Z., Détári L., Világi I. (2006) Laminar analysis of initiation and spread of epileptiform discharges in three in vitro models. Brain. Res. Bull. 69:161-167

Borbély S., Lojkova D., Mares P., Világi I. (2006) Comparative analysis of two antiepileptic drugs in different animal models. Epilepsia, 47(S3) p80-81, 2006

Borbély S., Világi I., (2006) Optical recording of seizure activity in neocortical slices. Clinical Neuroscience Suppl. 59 (Suppl. 1): 13