Dávid Czégé, MSc

Predoctor Student

room: 6-313., phone: / 8391

Research interest

  • The role of calpain in synaptic plasticity in physiological and pathological states
  • Tissue Non-specific Alkaline Phosphatase (TNAP) in the central nervous system

Selected publications

Borbély S., E. Dobó, D. Czégé, E. Molnár, A. Bagosi, M. Bakos, B. Szűcs, A. Vincze, N. Károly, I. Világi, A. Mihály (2009) Modification of ionotropic glutamate receptor–mediated processes in the rat hippocampus following repeated, brief seizures. Neuroscience, 159 (1, 3); 358-368

Világi I., E. Dobó, S. Borbély, D. Czégé, E. Molnár, A. Mihály (2009) Repeated 4 aminopyridine induced seizures diminish the efficacy of glutamatergic transmission in the neocortex. Experimental Neurology, 219( 1), 136-145

Szabó E., Czégé D, Világi I (2012) Pyridoxal attenuates neuronal hyperexcitability induced by blockage of tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase, Neuroscience submitted