Krisztián Tárnok, PhD

assistant professor

room: 6-304., phone: /1813 or /8378

Research interest

  • Role of cytokines in commitment of neural progenitors
  • Role of brain proteases under ischemic conditions

Selected publications

Schlett K., Czirók A., Tárnok K., Vicsek T., Madarász E. (2000.): Dynamics of cell aggregation during in vitro neurogenesis by immortalized neuroectodermal progenitors J. Neurosci. Res. 60., 184-194.

Tárnok K., Pataki A, Kovács J, Schlett K, Madarász E. (2002): Stage-dependent effects of cell-to-cell connections on in vitro induced neurogenesis. Eur. J. Cell. Biol. 81(7)., 403-12.

Schlett K., Pieri I., Metzger F., Marchetti L., Steigerwald F., Dere E., Kirilly D., Tárnok K., Barabás B., Kis Varga Á., Gerspach J., Huston J.P., Pfizenmaier K., Köhr G., Eisel U.L.M. (2004) Long-term NR2B expression in the cerebellum alters granule cell development and leads to NR2A downregulation and motor deficits. Mol. Cell. Neurosci., 27(3), 215-26

Tárnok K, Czirók A, Czöndör K, Schlett K (2005) Cerebellar granule cells show age-dependent migratory differences in vitro. J Neurobiol, 65(2):135-45.

Tárnok K, Czöndör K, Jelitai M, Czirók A, Schlett K. (2008) NMDA receptor NR2B subunit over-expression increases cerebellar granule cell migratory activity. J Neurochem., 104(3):818-29.

Tárnok, K., Kiss, E., Luiten, P.G.M., Nyakas, Cs., Tihanyi, K., Schlett, K., Eisel, U.L.M. (2008) Effects of Vinpocetine on mitochondrial function and Neuroprotection in primary cortical neurons. Neurochem. Int. In press