Ildikó Világi, PhD

associate professor

room: 6-421., phone: /8367

Teaching activity (in English)

  • Practicum in Anatomy and Physiology for 1st-year students of psychology in English

Research interest

  • 1974-1978. Electrophysiology on snail nervous system.
  • 1978-1986. Study on factors influencing brain differentiation using tissue culture technique. Electrophysiological investigations on the effect of excitatory amino acid transmission in normal and pathologic processes, using brain slice method
  • 1996- Analysis of the effect of environmental pollutant on nervous activity
  • 1999- Study on nucleus suprachiasmaticus activity
  • 2000- Analysis of the role of brain proteases (especially the calpains) in nerve-activity

Selected publications

Világi I., Csúcs G., Tarnawa I., Banczerowski-Pelyhe I. (1996) An increased intensity of NMDA but not non-NMDA receptor activation may be responsible for the enhancement of excitatory processes in the neocortex of two-week-old rats. Neurosci. Letters, 203:139-142.

Világi I., Dóczi J., Kirilly D., Takács J (1999). An in vitro electrophysiological and Co++ uptake study on the effect of infraorbital nerve cut on the cortical and thalamic neuronal activity. Brain Res. 844: 118-125.

Világi I., Klapka N., Luhmann H.J. (2001) Optical recording of spreading depression in rat neocortical slices. Brain Res. 898: 288-296

Gulyás-Kovács A., Dóczi J., Tarnawa I., Détári L., Banczerowski-Pelyhe I. Világi I., (2002) Comparison of spontaneous and evoked epileptiform activity in three in vitro epilepsy models. Brain Res. 945: 174-180

Szegedi V., G. Bárdos, L. Détári, A. Tóth, I. Banczerowski-Pelyhe, I. Világi (2005) Transient alterations in neuronal and behavioral activity following bensultap and fipronil treatments of rats, Toxicology 214: 67-76

Borbély S., Halasy K., Somogyvári Z., Détári L., Világi I. (2006) Laminar analysis of initiation and spreading of epileptiform seizures in three in vitro models. Brain. Res. Bull. 69:161-167

Györi J., P. Varró, E. Zielinska, I. Banczerowski-Pelyhe, I. Világi (2007) Bensultap inhibits the efficacy of synaptic transmission both in molluscan and mammalian central nervous system, Toxicology in Vitro 21(6): 1050-1057.

Világi I., D. S. Kiss, A. Farkas, S. Borbély, K. Halasy, Z. Bánóczi, F. Hudecz and P. Friedrich (2008) Synthetic calpain activator boosts neuronal excitability without extra Ca2+. Molecular and Cellular Neurosci. 38:629-636

Béldi M., Takács J., Bárdos G., Világi I. (2008) Retardation in somatosensory cortex development induced by postnatal BrdU treatment in mice. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience (in press)